Sometimes people don't think before they speak... and it #hurts.

I have had an acute migraine every single day for the last week. I mean one of those migraines that starts early and the pain level is at a 9. Difficult to manage and treat. I believe I have the lovely weather to thank for it to be honest.

So it had been difficult for me to manage much of anything. I have been taking more triptans than I usually do, but less than the maximum. I am just very sensitive to them so a lot of side effects therefore I am told to take them rarely. However, when it comes to fighting migraines at this level they are the best bet I have of getting any real relief.

Then my spouse says flippantly to me... that he noticed I have not showered every day and he does not like that fact. Which upset me quite a bit. More than quite a bit. Hell, it upset me a lot.

It is not that I am intentionally slacking on my hygiene. It is that when I am in a lot of pain, so fatigued and my scalp and skin feels on fire... I figure one day of not showering when I have not done anything that day will not be such a freaking big deal. But, yeah, well he really made me feel bad about myself.

Then I got to a sort of angry state. I guess this means I will shower every day, no matter what. But I will remember why I am doing so. And I will not be happy about it. He implied this made me less appealing you see. And can't get more hurtful than that.

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