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Went out and about to a #Chsitmas Party

I managed to go out to my spouses work Christmas party. I think that these sort of social gatherings are vital to boosting the mood at times although it can be difficult to participate. I had a pretty good day overall. I was sore in a fibromyalgia way because I cannot sit in one position long without feeling the pain from that... and it is just how it is that you end up sitting in the same position for too long at these sorts of dinners. Even though you can do some walk-abouts or even some dancing, when the times comes for it.

I had been in the pre-migraine phase (Prodrome and aura) for a good portion of the night. So felt a little doppy and not really into the flow of things. You know how that is. You can actually see it in this picture taken shortly after dinner. My eyes are wide, to keep them open. And they look poofy... which is just a migraine thing sometimes.

But I felt decent. Just you know... a little out of touch with conversations and the flow of things. A little unaware as such. But happy to be there. And not in any pain yet.

There was a great meal. Lots of good company to visit, as I know more people this year. I had a little to drink... light, light beer which generally treats my brain fine. And I think in this case slowly the migraine down by inhibiting me feeling the initial pain by a little. Since I did get a headache and sort of ignored that. The lights in the room were bothering me, and I ignored that. I was having a good time at this point. Even went and danced for a few songs anyway.

All in all I quite enjoyed myself. It was nice to see everyone again and to spend that time with them all. Wish I had been a little more cognitively present, but most people didn't notice because they got rather tipsy. So that was all good.

I on the other had did get my full blown migraine by the time I was home. Like it was waiting to pounce on me. Pounce it did. Better than last year, where that happened during. Still it sucks that with migraines get get laid out for the migraine, not the hangover. And it took me some time to fall asleep with it. Which is all you can do if you have alcohol in you, because you cannot take a medication for it. So sleep it is. Which does work wonders. You wake up feeling great. Ready to take on that days migraine when it comes.

In the picture of me I have a velvet jacket, a vest and see through white blouse and black pants on. It looked pretty good. Just a mix of old work clothes and a new blouse really. I had intended, spontaneously, one night to wear a dress. You see I was online... on my sleeping pill which lowers my inhibitions a bit. Saw this dress and though, hey, I should order that. I did in fact order it and boots to boot. From the UK, so they are not even here yet. Lesson here is do not shop for things when you are on sleeping pills. It is a bad habit.

I hope you guys get out there and do something special for one night at least. Have a little fun, within limits. We often have to get out of our comfort zones doing something we know will cause us pain, because we know it will also give us joy. And we need some joy this time of year. I hope you have a good pain day when you do. But travel prepared!

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