My bad days and your bad days.

I realized immediately when I sat down at this pain clinic class that some of these people were like me, some were not as bad.... but one was definitely worse. She would love to have my bad days. I would not want her good days.

It is good to know, once in a while, that what your pain is an ordeal, that it is difficult to cope with and manage... there are people out there struggling with a pain condition worse than yours. Many of them. I like to think they will win that struggle and get some balance of life in there. And that if they can... I can too.

 I just know her battle is a difficult one. I makes me believe maybe mine is not quite as insurmountable.

And she had a fighting spirit to her. I like her chances. I wish I had that fighting spirit. But I don't. I have a practical spirit. Get it done spirit. Just do it. But there is no fire in my gut.

But there are indeed in this world people who would love to have my bad days. It makes me feel like even though I know those bad days suck balls... maybe I can succeed in winning some sort of life back.

Worst cases than me have fought this fight and done just that. Inch by inch they work the program and inch by inch achieve their goal. And their life expands a little on the way. And that is the aim... quality of life.
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