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There is One thing I have done on the recommendation of my psychologist that the insurance company I deal with has latched onto to suggest I have 'significantly improved' which suggests they are incompetent douchbags. However, that one thing is still a good thing, just a minor thing. It is leaving the house to socialize one every two to three weeks to play cards with friends. This 'socializing' aspect that improves mental and emotional wellbeing.

Isolation all day for weeks on end only leaving the house for doctor appointments, neuro appointments, phsyio and the pain clinic is not good at all. You get no real interaction with other people. Day in and day out you are all alone in the house all day. And less and less do you even want to leave the house.

leaving the house means going out into a bright, loud enviroment that will just amp up the pain dramatically. And it is not fun. It can make a person miserable pretty fast. And driving constantly gives me vertigo which also makes me pretty miserable all the damn time.

So it takes some effort to consciously choose to go out and interact in the world. Choosing at least an enviroment that will be Less painful for one.

But there were times I could not stay long because it just became too painful. There were times the noise and lights were too intense for me too handle. My friends have kids and kids just are not quiet creatures by habit. So I have a migraine when I go. I have to take more medication just to go at all. And more to just stay. And even that is not always sufficient.

Yet.... it does make me happy. I enjoy being there. I laugh. I have fun. I enjoy there company. I leave feeling mentally and emotionally better than when I got there, despite the pain. I know it is good to do things and have a life, despite the pain. As long as you pace yourself. I understand that.

So it was a small step. And a good one. But a 'significant improvement'? Hardly. That would be if I was able to drive and run errands. And leave the house on my own. And socialize once or twice a week. And have a life. And drive myself to appointments. And... how about this... Have Less Migraines. So they are morons. But the point is, getting out of the house and socializing is good for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It can be really simple things. Like going out for coffee or lunch. I was told it could even be going out by yourself to a coffee shop and just being around people. Things like that.

I don't particularly like insurance companies. We as the chronically ill want to improve and will do things to help improve our wellbeing and health. Many things. Many will not have an impact on the pain just helping us deal with it a little. But they don't care if we can deal with it better, if it gets better, if it could get better... they don't have the time to wait. They just want an excuse they can use to get you off their list. It is pretty pathetic. All they had to do was wait for me to finish my treatment with the pain clinic, but apparently they think they know better. And clearly they do not. No idea who they hire at these places but brains must not be a prerequisite. Just ruthlessness I expect.

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