The #migraine attack

It is difficult sometimes to get the post across that migraines are a neurological disease and not a headache.

Oh, you have a headache again?

First, try every damn day.

And it is a migraine.

Here is the thing. If you have migraines you know what it is like. That insane throbbing pain. The sound and light sensitivity. The nausea and at times vomiting. Vomiting was a serious issue of mine when I was younger with migraines. I had to get the migraines triptan abortive medication that melts in your mouth (such as Maxalt) because the pill form had No time to act I would get so violently ill. I am 'lucky' I have more nausea than vomiting issues these days. With the added bonus of vertigo, which does not help with the nausea. I have migraine with aura, so I do get the aura phase... from the visual light show to the tingles running up my face and hands. Now a migraine is one-sided pain technically, but it moves for me to become all head pain. You eyes hurt. Your temples hurt. Your jaw hurts. Your neck hurts. Your teeth hurt.

Why is this not a headache? Because migraines are an attack. They have phases. Prodrome, aura, headache and postdrome. They vary in intensity and duration. People with migraine without aura, obviously do not get the aura phase. People with silent migraines do not get the headache phase. So there is variety, but there are stages to the attack. They have mapped the process in the brain. Like a wave of electrical activity surging along. This is not muscle tension. Quite frankly I believe cluster headaches should have a different name as well, because that word headache just really downplays the excruciating pain people with clusters have.

Language is important. People miss the point when they are talking about apples and you have oranges. Which is why people are always surprised when I express a symptom of a migraine... they cannot comprehend how a 'headache' can manifest such bizarre things. We are talking about a neurological event here. The rules are different. Pain is a fraction of the game.

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