The #stigma of the #lazy

In the poster I created I confronted this stigma that chronically ill people are just lazy. We do not do enough to help in our own treatment. We don't exercise.

Fact is, many of us to many things to help with our chronic illness. We have a treatment plan of some sort. It constantly evolves and includes more than one thing usually. It can at times in our lives include a lot of things. Far from lazy.

But the fact is despite all that we are not lazy. There are other factors to consider here.

Fatigue: we experience a fatigue so far beyond tired normal people cannot even comprehend the word. It makes accomplishing anything an ordeal.

Pacing: We have to pace. We Cannot do a lot in a short amount of time. We have to do a little, take a break, maybe do a little more and then leave the rest for another day. Like my instructor in the pain clinic class said every else in the world is busy being the hare but we are the turtle... we have to get used to be turtles. We won't win races, but need to pace in order to not make things worse.

Dealing with it: We are not lazy because we are dealing with pain and illness that is beyond their scope to understand. So if we can only socialize a little or do small amounts of housework a day, or need to take rest breaks when shopping it is because our entire existence is profoundly different than a normal persons reality. We can't just Do things. We plan to do them. We prepare for them. We choose the ones we can do, like one social activity, and decline others so as to not over-extend ourselves.

So... lot lazy. They are the hares zipping around at their frantic harried pace and they cannot comprehend the tortoise that has to be careful, planned and slow. Easy does it. Slow and steady. We do. Just because the hare is an idiot does not make us lazy.

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