Thinking about #work from home

My psychologist said I should begin to think of at home work I could possibly do as a new career. This is because he said I am no longer really competitive in the work world. If I were to go look for a job it would be difficult to find one due to my chronic illness, even if I were to severely limit what I told a perspective employer. Plus there is limited part time employment I could conceivably due to make sufficient income

What he said reminded of what my previous employer had said to me once. The woman had said a lot of not pleasant things in my time there but she did say one thing that was brutal and also true at the same time. She said due to the economy if someone was to be laid off... it would be you. Like I was the weakest link due to my short term leaves and sick days. And she was right. I was hardly dependable as an employee. It wasn't exactly a  nice thing to say mind you. Since it was something I already knew. Companies will try to get rid of you in any legitimate way that they can. Feel the love? Not so much.

Finding a job with these issues then becomes a problem. Working for yourself in the home is a pretty damn good solution to that problem. First it makes for a perfect flexible schedule. Second, it makes for the perfect enviroment as you get to control all the factors.

What I will find to do though is the question. It has to be sufficient to compensate for what I make on leave. Interesting would also be welcome. There are many options to choose from. They all have advantages and they all come with some risks. It is a good time for me to be thinking about it however.
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