#ChronicIllness and #Anxiety

Chronic illness creates fears that you never had before. Never had to worry about before. The future becomes this thing that Looms ahead of you with uncertainties you don't even want to think about but one thing that you know is that the chronic illness will be there.

It creates problems you never had before. Problems with no solutions. Which creates stress you can never be rid of.

We have more anxiety with chronic illness than we ever had without it. Anxiety becomes a force of its own. A force to be reckoned with.

In fact anxiety as a mental illness is often comorbid with chronic illness and chronic pain.

Just anxiety though is not at all a surprise. Yes, I am filled with anxiety created by the obstacles chronic illness has put in front of me, the problems it has created with no solutions and the stress it has created within me. And then... I have to deal with the anxiety, because I cannot deal with what is Causing it.

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