#VestibularMigraines and a severe bout of #Vertigo today

I have vestibular migraines (used to be called migraine associated vertigo). With me it presents as vertigo that occurs with the migraines and without the migraines. So between attacks. It is very sensitive to motion. So cars, planes, boats, elevators, escalators... those sorts of things will trigger some level of vertigo and sometimes a bout of it that endures for days or weeks.

Vertigo can present in different ways. You can have internal head spinning vertigo, where it feels like the inside of your head is whirling, you can have external vertigo, where it feels like the world is spinning, you can have swaying, where when you are sitting it feels like you are being drawn in to move in a direction causing a swaying motion, you can have mooshy floor and drop attacks, this is where when you are walking the ground itself feels unsteady, shifting and at times feels like it drops away and you stagger or lurch or fall as a result. I have experienced them all and am very prone to the ground feeling unstable and drop attacks.

I was put on a medication called Sibelium that brought my vertigo down from moderate and severe, to mild to moderate which was a pretty damn good success. It also brought me out of a month long attack. I also have not been getting really extended bouts.

But today I had a set back. My mom gave me a lift into the city to see my doctor and it caused some moderate vertigo. The ground felt unstable and mild drops kept happening. It was like that until this evening when suddenly it became severe and I had abrupt severe drop attacks. Each one caused me to yell out in surprise, and curse, and lurch to catch myself. Your heart just hammers like nuts because it is so sudden a falling sensation.

It worries me to be honest because it suggests the medication might not be working as well anymore. I am not driving as it is but I cannot even risk short distances if it is severe. I could at least potentially drive in town, but severe attacks are nuts and dangerously disorientating.
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