Yes, I fear the #light

Photosensitivity occurs in about 80% if migraines statistically. I get an extra boost from fibromyalgia. Never the less it can be extremely painful. Just a thin little thread of light in a dark room is stabbing its way into your eyes. You dread leaving the house without sunglasses and even into lighted rooms to be honest. Leaving the darkened house of your existence is an ordeal.

take of my sunglasses? I think not

Research done in 2010 Nature Neuroscience where they thought they had discovered where this was coming from. They identified neural pathways in the brain that may be involved in worsening migraines with exposure to light. Some visually impaired people, lacking image-forming sight, are also affected suggested to researchers that non-image forming pathways were responsible
Researchers had 20 blind patients involved in the study with different forms of blindness. 14 of which could detect light while the other 6 could not. Those who could detect light had migraines worsened by light exposure and those who could not detect light were unaffected.
There are two separate visual pathways involved with the projection of retinal images to the brain. One is related to 'image formation' and the other related to 'non-image-forming' functions. The 14 who could detect light were capable of the 'non-image-forming' function. NHS

There is also research now about in-between migraine events of which they have found a 

few. One of which is photophobia. Some people have a lesser amount of photophobia 

between their migraine attacks.

"The American Headache Society is reporting new research showing that migraineurs have abnormal neural activity all the time, not just when we’re having a migraine attack.   In particular, this research reports abnormally excited activity in the parts of the brain responsible for sight and vision. Some have speculated that this may be why bright lights and loud noises are the most common migraine triggers — the idea, I suppose, is that if those parts of the brain are overexcited already, then it is more likely that stimulating them even more will cause an attack." The Daily Migraine

Treatment itself would be treating the migraine but for cases of chronic photosensitivity,

 such as myself it is problematic. One thing said to help is color tinted glasses. Regular

 glasses can increase our light sensitivity, but tinted glasses of certain colors have been

 suggested to help with photosensitivity. Blue blocking light seems to be the best option. 

One tint, a rose tint, called FL-41 has been studied to reduce headaches and migraines in 

children. Yellow tints are also said to be helpful. I personally use a rose tint I got put on 

my regular glasses, not the sort you order from the sites that offer them. I do rather like 

that tint for sure.

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