Look at that I am #smiling in #pain

I have chronic pain ever minute of every day. Right this minute. And you know I am perfectly capable of being happy. Of smiling. It does not negate my pain. Right now I am kind of mellow with pain on a 7. 7 is a decent pain day really. 6 would be better, but far less common.

It is also true that I can really, really fake a good smile to mask that pain. But then we learn that trick very well.

However, I can be happy. I can be in a very good mood. This is not impossible. It is just seriously strained and difficult to maintain when the pain level gets up in the 9 area on the pain scale. But that would be the same for everyone.

This is not to say that chronic pain does not affect mood because it definitely does. The pain itself does. The lack of sleep does. They both affect serotonin so maintaining mood can be difficult. And sometimes we have to actively try things to just boost our mood in different ways. Or just actively not spiral down the black thought road and distract ourselves.

Pain is complicated like that.

However, I don't like this assumption that we cannot be happy and Still be in pain. We cannot be smiling and Still be in pain. Of course we can. We are very good at this pain gig now. We have learned from the master... that of just continuously being in the state of pain. Yes, I can imagine someone in temporary pain in the 7 or 8 level might have a problem being happy about it. But I am always in the 7 and 8 levels and sometimes the 9 level. So I have adapted a bit to it. I understand I need to live in with the pain. Jokes and laughter have always been a great way for me to cope with pain to be honest. We still have the pain. It doesn't go anywhere. It just means we are trying to push it to the side and enjoy a moment the best we can.

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