Day of Rest #HAWMC

Kick your feet up! What is your ideal day in? When you’re having a bad day, or a long week – how do you relax, recharge, and reset yourself? 

I like to practice mindful meditation to relax any time I feel the pain creeping up or when I am stressed out. I try to do it twice a day and it is even more important now that I am working and experiencing more pain. It is something I picked up from the pain clinic and have been doing only a short time. I have tried a few types of meditation over the past year and this is the one that works for me. Just gets me in that zen zone. I focus on my breathing. In particular I like to focus on the in and out of my stomach as I breath. If a thought occurs to me, I let it, but then just gently redirect myself back to my breathing. Then if the pain is particularly unpleasant there is something the guided meditation tell you to do and that is to breath into the pain and then release it. It seems that at the time it brings the pain into focus yet at the same time when I breathe out I can feel it diminish slightly. However, what I like the most about this is that about half an hour after I have done my 15-20 min meditation the pain itself goes down. Not all the time and those are the times when medication and other methods are necessary, but enough that it helps me manage the pain lately.

Like most people I love to distract myself and relax when I can. The choices I have for doing so are activities like reading and writing. Some people find they cannot read with a migraine but I am an avid reader and have found a way to push the pain aside to get into a story. That being said there are times when I have 'bad word days' and on Those days I read what I call 'fluff books' that have simplistic plots and require little thought. Sometimes it just depends on what you read. And to be honest I cannot read non-fiction with a migraine. Takes too much concentration. I also love creative writing and blogging as a way to relax or distract myself from the pain. Blogging is one way to express my experiences and in that way you can work out a lot of what you are dealing with. I find it pretty healthy way to cope. Like writing a journal is and in the same way. Creative writing is a different sort of outlet for me but something I can get into; get my mind focusing on something else. 

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