Get Excited? #HAWMC

What revs up your internal engine? When you see, hear, feel this it gets you excited and ready to face what comes next. Tell us what it is!

I have to say, I spend a lot of time trying to just be calm. Calm in the face of pain. If I can manage to be mellow, I am happy. I can't really think of too many things that make me excited because I tend to avoid overt excitement. Anything too stimulating to the senses tends to be a massive migraine trigger. I don't avoid all triggers for the sake of avoiding life, but I do aim for some mellowness.

I really just love to be in a good mood. In the face of pain I want to be in a good mental place. I want to laugh and have that laughter be authentic and not a mask I wear, which sometimes, it is.

Although, there are times I want to put myself in a really feel good place. And like most people in the world I respond to music. I will put on some good bust a groove music. Feel good music. I will go a gooofy dance, dance like no one is looking sort of dance. Sometimes at night I will put on some good tunes to relax to. At those times I prefer some good alternative rock.

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