Use “health” as an acronym and come up with words that represent your Health Activist journey. 

H- Helping- I hope to help others through my story and information I provide. I hope that they know they are not alone by sharing my experiences and thoughts along the way.

E- Experience- I have had chronic illnesses for a significant portion of my life. Enough to know that coping is a flexible entity that changes with our life events and illness. I hope that sharing my experiences helps others with their struggles as well.

A- Awareness- I try to raise awareness along the way about chronic pain, invisible disabilities, fibromyalgia and migraines in any way that I can.

L- Learning- I adapt just as much as any one else does. I come across new ways to cope. New treatments. New lessons. And learning is something that is a part of the process.

T - Thinking- A lot of my blog can be very introspective about the process I go through with coping and chronic illness. Something I think a lot of people can relate to. I like to get that out and explore it. I think that it helps me a lot to do so and I think a lot of people can relate to it in their own experiences.

H - Healing- Healing is something I consider to be that place with chronic illness where we reach that perfect balance and acceptance. I aim for it all the time. I attain it at times. I want to help others attain it. Aim for it. But when we do not, I do not want anyone to feel guilty about that because coping is a difficult process. And we cannot always cope well along the way. I believe that we are always a work in progress and it does take a lot of constant work on our part to achieve a sense of well-being or to aim for a better sense of well-being. But I want to be on that journey with people. I want to have progress myself.

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