I feel best when... I hit the zone #HAWMC

W rite about moments you feel like you can take on the world. Where , w hen , and how often does this happen? 

There are times when the pain does not win. Days when I do not have to combat the negative thoughts and emotions that come with high pain levels. Times when I feel like I have the motivation, hope and inspiration to progress. I feel like there are Possibilities I can take advantage of instead of limitations.

It generally happens when the pain is in the 5-7 range and no higher. Higher than that and I am fighting to manage it more. Managing it requires a lot of my effort and not a lot is left over for other thoughts.

So it is in a pain range I feel I can exist in without being plagued with negative thoughts about the pain, which leads to negative thoughts about life in general. Which means I am open to things. To experiences. To possibilities. Unlike other times I feel there is potential instead of stagnation. I often feel motivated to carry out my pain management plans at this time. Eager to make progress. Hopeful that there will be progress. It is at this time I can carry out other activities. I am at my most creative. I do writing as a pain distraction, but in this zone I am far more creative and get more done.

And really what I am talking about is the perfect zone. Of a manageable pain level (hell maybe even a low pain day!) and being able to frame that pain in a positive manner, therefore my outlook on life is more positive as well. Often my mood is dependent on how I react to the pain experience. That is why it is so important to challenge negative thoughts when they occur. However, when you are in the zone you are in a place where the pain is not winning or ruling your thoughts. It is not affecting your emotional state. You are free to exist without its entanglements. And this feels freeing. Obviously there is pain and obviously it still affects thinking and concentration to a point. And a migraine is still a migraine, so there are all the cognitive issues that come into play. Just like fibromyalgia is a constant factor and fibrofog can come out to play on the lowest of pain days. However, on a day where the pain is not in the forefront of my thoughts I can put it aside and pursue other things, while keeping in mind moderation and my limits of course. It is an energizing feeling that can be dangerous in the sense you do feel like you can do more than you Actually can. That is the case for actual low pain days in the range of 5 or so... do way more than you actually can and that pain will spike off the charts. So you have to reign in this sense of 'I am Winning' and just have yourself a really good, productive, feel good day without overextending yourself. I like the feeling though. I like that hopeful, motivated feeling I can have that suggests I can succeed. I can accomplish things. I do have possibilities in the world.

It doesn't happen often enough to be honest. I wish I didn't react to pain. I wish it was just a sensation in the body rather than an experience. But it is an experience. It is both the sensation and our reaction to that experience, we are wired that way neurologically. So bad pain days can lead to difficult thoughts. Good pain days can be better mentally because in comparison, relatively speaking, we feel relief from the decrease in the pain and that gives a freeing sensation temporarily like we can conquer the world. Ironically it is still some significant pain there, just not as significant as a bad pain day. I welcome all the low pain days I can get quite frankly. I feel more connected to the world when I am in less pain.

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