Life Goal #HAWMC

What’s one thing that your 10-year-old self thought you would do? Can you still do it? How would you approach it to make it happen? 

I honestly do not remember my 10 year old self that much, but by 12 I wanted to be a writer and I know it was before that as well.

I can still do it but I have an issue with editing due to fibro fog and cognitive issues with migraines. Leads to some bad word days. I can write up a storm with a migraine and in pain and it is fine for a pain distraction as well, but then when it comes to editing there are some odd errors in there. Some of which spell check catches because I tend to mix up my letter placing by transposing letters, or numbers for that matter, but what that does is clearly make a work spelt wrong. But in other cases I will use the wrong word, but something that sounds similar, a sort of migraine aphasia error that is not always picked up unless you use the grammar check. Then there are just other odd little errors my brain likes to create. So takes a lot of editing.

I write a lot of different types of things as well. Keeps my brain fresh. This blog though is something i keep up all the time. There are a lot of aspects to blogging that I really enjoy. The community of it. Interacting with other people with chronic illnesses. Getting a chance to explain my experiences and thoughts about chronic illnesses. Working through some of the issues I have. Keeping up to date on research and articles. All of it is important to me. And writing is the way I really choose to express myself.

Really the more I write and publish the better. I never seem to make much income at it but fundamentally it has a lot of value to me anyway. Just something that keeps me mentally and emotionally healthy.

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