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Random Acts of #Kindness #HAWMC

We love random acts of kindness. Write about a time that you benefited from the kindness of a stranger , or a time when you were the one extending a helping hand. How did you feel? 

 “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Essential Kahlil Gibran

I have benefited from the kindness of strangers, family, friends and co-workers and every moment of kindness counts in this world.

However, when it is in fact from a stranger it does stand out because there seems to be no reason that person would go out of their way to help you. There is no connection. They act for the act itself and that makes it pretty powerful.

I once worked in a hotel at the front desk right when my migraines were becoming a problem. By that I mean more than chronic. To the point where you can no longer even treat every on because taking that much medication may make it worse, so you have to endure the migraines full blown. Which I did and had and continued to do. However, at this time, unlike now I used to get powerful bouts of nausea with migraines that would could lead to a lot of vomiting. Like you just could not stop. I had yet to be given any additional treatment to help with the increase in migraines. I had yet to be changed from a triptan pill to the sort that melts, so that it would act Before I tossed my cookies. So this was a troublesome period.

I was working Christmas Eve, which is not an issue at all for me. What was an issue is one of these migraines occurred. And I got violently ill. To the point of really being unable to help customers. The hotel manager had to help me out. And every customer I manged to help noticed I was pale, shaking and rather green around the gills. The manager went out of her way to get someone to come in and take over the rest of my shift... but being as it was Christmas Eve there was no one to be found. I resigned myself to this fact. This horrible, horrible, run to the bathroom every five minutes fact. But what can you do? Nothing.

Then comes in a guest that used to work in the hotel years before I started working there. He was in town for something. I didn't sign him in, being as I was preoccupied in the bathroom at that moment. So the manager does so and she knows him well. I have no idea what they talked about only that when I come out all shaky and trembling once more, he has volunteered to take the rest of my shift. Someone I have never met. Don't know. Someone who is on holiday and certainly could not look forward to working instead. I am not sure how much time I had left on that shift, as that is one detail I will never be able to recall in the pain fog I was in. Just that I could go home to hide in the dark and be sick in peace because this man saw how sick I was and volunteered his time.

Frankly I was stunned by his kindness. And I don't even know who he was. I doubt he will ever know that I appreciated it as much as I did. Fact is, I also appreciate the way that manager was to me. Never once criticizing me or my pain or my illness. Managers like that are hard to come by. She was a woman I really respected and did my damndest to earn that respect back. A lot of managers would not have cared about my suffering in that moment. Not one bit, except the cost to them. Not her. And not that man.

Turns out my doctor was certain my migraines got worse due to the shift work on that job. Wrecking havoc on my already disrupted sleep cycle. He temporarily put me on pain killers in order for me to find a new job, as in, I could not longer work there or shift work that extreme.

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