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Your Hero #HAWMC

Everyone has someone they look up to - a person they go to for advice, an individual you admire or idolize. It could be your partner, a family member, coworker, or someone famous. Who are they and what makes them awesome in your eyes?

I find a lot of people awesome to be honest. A lot of people I know with chronic migraines or fibromyalgia, or both, that live complicated lives that I really respect for their strength and perseverance. While there are others who promote awareness that I quite admire for their knowledge.

Someone I admire a lot would be Teri Robert who has written books on migraines as well as been a long standing migraine advocate. Back when my migraines were high episodic and I was beginning to realize triptans were not quite the solution I needed I found Teri on a site online. I was able to get a great deal of information from her articles and forum that I lacked. Information my doctors had not provided. Like the fact using too many triptans a week could cause rebound headaches. That was quite important to know. Like the fact I should already have been on preventative treatments. What migraines really were and what their symptoms were. Just the full scope of information you could need to be an informed patient. I also gained a lot of support from that forum that I needed at that time. It is quite frustrating when you are high episodic and moving into chronic because things are changing, not managed at all, and you have no clue why. There was a very limited amount of information to be found online at that time as well. Quite a bit more now, not sure if that is better or not, since you have to weed through the crap. She currently writes for Health Central.

So it is through the information on her original site that I became the informed patient that I am now. I respect her as a source of information over and above a great deal many other sources on the internet. In fact she reviews a lot of sources you find on the internet and books as well.

I think that having contact with advocates like that really helps those of trying to raise awareness any way that we can. We become better for it I think. I think advocates like Teri really inspire those of us that run blogs, forums and pages. Now I have a pretty good list of advocates I admire and respect but Teri influenced me as patient first and then as a health activist, so that is special to me.

*Now the first time I was asked this question on a similar campaign I answered that it was my mom. So I am going to give a shout out to my mom who is my person advocate. Who has my back at all times. Who I can ask for advice and helps me out when I need it. She has chronic pain as well and kicked cancers ass. A pretty awesome mom!

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