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Vertigo trip

The last couple of days I have had bouts of moderate to severe migraine associated vertigo at work. It disturbs me because if it gets worse, well, then it will be triggered by driving and then prevent me from driving.

As it is I cannot determine the trigger right now. Could be the drive to work. Or it could be the hormonal migraines right now, which are the most severe of migraines and tend to have volatile and violent symptoms as well as all day migraines. If it is the hormonal migraines, I believe it is not an issue because only a small section of the month with the potential for a problem. If it is the motion trigger, that could become a serious issue. The medication I am on, Sebelium, which is a calcium channel blocker is what is currently presently every day vertigo and severe long lasting bouts of it. I am aware medication can and does stop working whenever it pleases, but I have not been on it that long.

This vertigo is very unpleasant though. It is a combination of drop attacks, which is when the floor just 'drops' beneath you suddenly and you lurch to the side and also this spinning disorientation. Just standing was a problem, it felt like the ground was constantly shifting under my feet and the more I stood the more spiny I got. So I made sure to sit down as much as possible during the bout, but even so, still felt the chair moving and my body shifting and this sense of disorientation.

Vertigo is a real problem. It is very hard to treat. Not very responsive to medications. The bouts can last for indeterminate durations. It is very easily triggered by motion... and also made worse by motion. So if it is triggered by driving, then it is also made worse by it. Which means, if I trigger it by getting To work, then it will get Worse by the trip back home. This I have experienced before my long term leave and it was not a good experience. The vertigo was triggered on the way to work, was severe, I was quite ill and then on the drive home went Insane and it is only because I didn't swerve that I remained in control of my vehicle when I suddenly went on a rollercoaster ride from hell.

Today it was about two hours long of a bout. Yesterday about three hours long. So short durations. But severe. And lingering mild vertigo. Like right now, still have mild vertigo lingering. So essentially I have had vertigo for two whole days. I tried taking motion sickness pills to see if that would help. Nada. Ginger. Nada.
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