Day 11: #migraine awareness #MHAM #MHAMBC Helping Others Hope

Helping Others Hope: What do you do or say to help other have hope?

I try to balance the information I blog about with the realistic to the optimistic.  However, I think there is a lot of hope in what I write about when I write about Potential. When I write about lifestyle changes or new medications or exercises... I feel such hope and potential at the idea there could be some sort of change from it that I write about that. I do have that sort of optimism, shaped by realistic outcomes.

I often describe the sorts of things I am trying. For example medications, mindful meditation, biofeedback and aerobic exercise being the current routine of choice.

However, I think information is the most important thing. New information that you were not aware can be a godsend when you have migraines that are just going chronic or becoming complicated. Things you don't know to even ask yet. Things you didn't know were symptoms that have been bothering you. Things you have questions about but didn't know where to ask. Just dealing with that sense of isolation that happens with chronic pain. So being able to share new research and about migraines in general is important to me. Also being able to share the experience so people do not feel alone is important to me. It is extremely rewarding when I get feedback that someone benefited directly from the information that I shared with them or felt comforted by an experience that I shared. I can share all of my treatments I like, but we all differ so much with treatments, responses to medications and side effects... I feel there is a lot more value in hard facts, new research, what migraines are, symptoms and new information. As well as just real experiences in coping and managing with chronic pain life.

Sometimes I think there is just value in blogging about the struggle itself. Someone hearing that I struggle but continue to keep going anyway. I have not had any real brilliant successes with treatment after all. It has been complicated. Wish there had been some awesome successes in there, but there has not been. Yet I do not fail to hope. So there is that. I do not fail to try. And there is that. I keep on keeping on.

"The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association."

Prompts to be found on: Awareness Month page.

Awareness Month page.

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