Day 13 #migraine awareness: Escape into nature

What in Nature Brings You Hope? Tell us what things in nature bring you hope and why.

Nature itself is something I find great peace from. One of my favorite vacations is traveling into the mountains and staying in a cabin in the National Park or at my uncles place.

First of all traveling through the mountains is just a majestic landscape. I never tire of being surrounded by that scenery and wildlife. Secondly, staying out in the middle of nowhere is comforting to me and reduces a lot of stress... migraines or not I still really enjoy myself. I just make sure I pace myself and do a Lot of relaxing in there as well. Nature is not only getting away from your usual enviroment, it is a complete change of enviroment and gets you out of that hectic daily life and even a break from technology a lot of times. All very good things for a break. We generally stay in a cabin though because I have fibromyalgia as well and camping in a tent I find not so relaxing... just too painful for these sore muscles. So we have rented a cabin in Jasper before. We have traveled on our way to Vancouver to visit relatives and stayed in hotels in the mountains. And we have even stayed at my uncles cabin which is just on the BC side of the mountains. I swear if I had the money I would buy one out there somewhere myself I find so much peace and joy in it.  

"The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association."

Prompts to be found on: Awareness Month page.

Awareness Month page.

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