Large Migraine and Headache Hopes #MHAM #MHAMBC

Large Migraine and Headache Hopes: What large thing gives you hope for living with Headaches and Migraines? 

I have had a multitude of failed medications. Failed with botox. Most neuros have no idea what to do with me anymore. I was recently sent to a pain clinic instead that looks at treating the fibromyalgia and the chronic migraines... attacking both angles and I find even that approach is simply similar to what I have seen and done in the past. So there really is no medical solution that gives me a vast amount of hope. I aim for a slight improvement and hope that I can by getting a slight improvement see a reduction in my suffering.

Anything that improves quality of life gives me hope or would give me hope to live with this disease. I am aware that even if I found a preventative medication that was extremely effective it would at maximum reduce my migraines by 50% which would still leave me chronic... however, such a reduction would be a significant improvement. However, I have run through the most effective and moderately effective medications for migraines so the chances of success of that rate are reduced. Then there is a decrease in intensity, which cannot be overlooked... even that could provide significant relief.

Other things I do which I hope will make a difference are exercise, vitamins and supplements and meditation. None of these seem to do much on their own but I have the hope that all together maybe they do something and certainly there is no harm in them.

Mindful meditation is something that I have found useful. I do it about twice daily. And I have seen an impact from it. To the point migraines can be delayed in the day and also it seems to help with calming my mind before bed... when I am at that peak pain period. It was more beneficial when I was not working, likely because it actually was able to manage the stress better whereas with work I am compounding the stress by working in pain, but nonetheless I do get a benefit from it. It is definitely a tool to use to manage existing pain. In particular mindful meditation seems to work for me and other forms were of no real benefit at all... could not really focus through the pain well enough to relax.

"The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association."

Prompts to be found on: Awareness Month page.
Awareness Month page.

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