Pain clinic appointment

I went to the pain clinic today hoping they would address some issues for me. However, they could not address the vertigo issue I am having with the migraines. They said I need to go back to neuro for that. And that can take up to a year to get into. I will try calling them directly to see if I can get in sooner, otherwise I have to go through a referral and on a waiting list.

He said he is not comfortable with me driving with the vertigo. So that now makes two medical professions who have said that. And nothing I can do about it since I need a way to get to work. He said to not drive with it, so that would be every day... so that does not help at all. I will have to wait for the neuro to adjust my medication.

He increased my pain medication to help with the pain at night, which is good, maybe I will get some sleep now.

And he said in regards to work I should consider asking my employer to go part time. As I do not want to push myself and push myself and burn out and end up on leave again. And he is right. I am just pushing though the pain trying to make it work. Knowing it won't because it is stressful, increases the pain and increases the lack of sleep from the increase in pain. You end up in a viscous cycle of high pain, no sleep, higher pain, less sleep.

It should be noted I agree with him on that but I had asked this company to accommodate me in that way before. They said no. They said my job was face-to-face full-time with the specified hours and that they didn't consider my disability to be a disability. Made me want them to watch their own disability awareness film to be honest because it talks about not all disabilities are visible. Ha. Point is I tried all that when I was in a real bad place, and they gave me the big F U. So I don't know if this company, despite what they Say, really does well with disabled people or if it was just that branch that didn't. Hard to say. They had said they talked to the area manager and HR, which makes it sound like everyone denied me. Like it was really the whole company decision on their part. So while I agree with the pain doctor, who hadn't wanted me to return to full time work in the first place, that part time work might be all I am truly capable of now... I question whether the company I work for would give a damn about it.

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