#Pain? The source of your #strength

"Your pain will become the source of your strength. Face it. Brave it. You will make it."

You pain will become the source of your strength. And the source of your weakness. It is the ultimate contradiction that both are in fact true with chronic pain. After enduring pain for years upon years, coping with pain, learning to live with it... it is a source of strength that you have done all that. It has changed you. You adapted.

However, it is a source of weakness as well. Because we do not always cope well. Sometimes we break down. Sometimes we fall before we get up. Sometimes the pain seems insurmountable. Sometimes we get lost of hopelessness because we feel the pain is endless and there is not a thing we can do about it. We get lost on bouts of depression. And anxiety over our future. Lost in the pain. When pain consumes us, it is our weakness.

And it is always a balance between the two. We fluctuate between the strength we have developed to the weakness brought on by the pain intensity.

And that, my friends, is coping. Never a linear event that ends with acceptance and done. No, we bounce from stage to stage and some days we cope very well and other days not well at all. Coping just means we aim to cope every day and some days are good days and some are bad days.
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