Who helps you #hope? #MHAM #MHAMBC

Who Helps You Hope?: Which person in your life has helped you most to hold on to hope, despite your Migraines or Headaches and how?

 I think the person in my life that helps me hold onto hope the most is my mother. Mostly because no matter the obstacle (incompetent doctors, to neuros who have given up to work situations) she has offered productive, practical advice to help me get around it. I tend to have a pretty glass is damned empty personality so it is easy to feel pretty hopeless sometimes, even when I actively try not to... so it really benefits me to have someone who is practical and reasonable on my side helping me look at situations objectively. And to be honest it helps knowing that I always have someone who has my back. Someone always there to offer advice. To go to appointments with me... or with the vertigo lately, to drive me To those appointments.

We need people like that in our lives who can look at our situation and offer helpful advice, when we ourselves are too immersed in the pain of it all to look at it objectively... or just too defeated to want to even try sometimes.

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