Study on #Fibromyalgia and Alcohol

Two pints of beer a day could help to reduce disability in people with chronic pain, according to a new report yesterday.
In a study of 2,239 individuals with chronic widespread pain, the key feature of conditions such as fibromyalgia, those who regularly consumed alcohol had lower levels of disability than those who never or rarely drank.
Those who drank 21 to 35 units of alcohol per week were 67 per cent less likely than non-drinkers to experience disability.
“We cannot say that alcohol consumption causes less disability among people with chronic widespread pain.
“But the observed link warrants further investigation,” said Dr Gary Macfarlane, co-author of the Arthritis Care & Research study, who is professor of epidemiology at the University of Aberdeen. Mirror
Oddly enough this is not news to me, because this study has actually been done before. I read about it a few years back. And I will say the same thing now as I did then... maybe, maybe not but it does not help someone like me because with chronic migraines I am not going to be drinking every day or even moderately. Rarely is when I drink. Although I will say on the occasion I can tolerate alcohol brain wise if I have a few, it does help with pain... and sleep. And both of those are good things.

But not like I recommend this as a solution given all the medication we generally are on. I mean think of our poor livers As Is.
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