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Damned Insomnia

Overview of Fibromyalgia and sleep dysfunction

Sleep dysfunction is a component to fybromyalgia specifically, but the fact is insomnia is a factor with all chronic pain. I know when I developed chronic migraines my insomnia got that much worse and that much more complicated. The migraines acute at night, making it difficult, or impossible to sleep... the lack of sleep a migraine trigger for the next day. Seems like an impossible cycle of pain and insomnia feeding into each other.

I know that I have had insomnia most of my life. I know that I have tried pretty much every single thing anyone has ever mentioned to me to help with it. Every herbal supplement. I was on some medications with a side-effect of drowsiness said to help some people that I found useless. And now on some sleeping pills that I seriously do not find all that strong to be honest and only mildly beneficial. I also take melatonin because apparently I have none of my own I have done hypnosis, which, apparently, does not work on me. I do deep breathing exercises. I do meditation. I might be missing some things here and I am not even bothering to list All the supplements... but lets just say I have done A lot since I have begun trying to treat my insomnia at around the early twenties. Insomnia bothered me as a child and in my teens. I was always tired. I skipped school, a lot, to sleep. But as pain increased, so did insomnia... and it became a Problem. A sleep deprivation problem. A 'I cannot sleep at all' problem. And I began to ask doctors about it to which they often said 'we do not treat chronic insomnia with medication'. Up until one doctor realized my migraines were being made significantly worse by sleep deprivation symptoms. Thus the sleeping pill, which did in fact reduce those sleep deprivation symptoms... therefore there is some sleep going on in there somewhere. I mean, rather than days of none at all.

So it is an issue. A very complicated issue I have yet to find a viable solution to. The pain clinic class I went to said my sleep issues were more complicated than the usual complicated. My pain doc said if I wanted to explore more intense sleeping medications I would have to see a psychiatrist as they know those sorts of drugs... but some are known to alter the personality and that does not sound good at all. Freaky really to contemplate being all drugged up because you simply cannot get a good nights sleep.

And yet, the thing is I imagine the pain would be less intense if I could just sleep. I imagine I could think better. I imagine my mood would be better. I imagine the fatigue would be less. I imagine... I have no clue really, but I imagine.
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