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Status migraining

There is nothing more brutal than a status migraine. The epic everlasting migraine from hell. The level 9 longer than 3 days migraine marathon. I am currently on day 5. Nothing works on these. Not triptans. Not painkillers. Nothing. Not sleep, because you can't Get any.

Yes, these migraines seriously affect my mood. I generally get severe bouts of depression with them. However, when I was off work they were far more rare, because I was able to get more sleep. When working obviously I do not choose when I get up and my brain chooses when I fall asleep... leading to far less sleep, leading to sometimes, just getting 'stuck' in a migraine.

So far since returning to work I have had two. And this last one caused me to be suicidal, so there is that. I mean, I cannot underestimate the level of pain especially when you are trying to function... and just can't, but are trying. Now before I went on long term leave... they were a monthly occurrence, so that was literally hell for me. I fear with 2 episodes in the last month and a half that the lack of sleep has caught up with me and work will now be an 'issue'. However, my doctor wants me on short term leave for depression in the short term. Operative word is short term. One hopes people understand that 'maintaining' is easier when we do not have to function in a large, massive capacity and can be flexible with our day and time.

Anyway, this pain is driving me nuts. I am now getting these dizzy spells too. Just erratic, swirling sudden spells all day long. And my heart is going wonky. Pain does things like this. Migraines do. Just having them too long can make a person very ill. At least this one I am avoiding the flu like symptoms. My anti-nausea med seems to be holding up and, thankfully, my painkiller is rather making my digestive system slow... rather than hyper speed symptom of IBS flaring which can be brutal with a status migraine (makes you ill and shaking, knocks the blood pressure down). So all good there at least.

But the pain is worn me down and I just need it to give me a break for a few hours or so. I have to go into work to pass my files on and that will take a lot of energy and will be stressful. I had hoped I would get some good sleep last night with my new medication but oddly enough seem to be immune to the side effect of drowsiness now. Maybe it will help tonight.

Someone with a status migraine Should go to the ER to get them treated. They are dangerous migraines. And not just because of mood issues and suicide risk. Because of stroke and heart attack risk. They are just dangerous states to be in. I don't because the ER here does not know how to treat them, but I know I ought to.
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