The one #Hope

Hope can get us through some pretty dark times. But I remember when I was working, in excessive amounts of pain and i thought if I could just get to my neuro... he would do something. He would help me. He would help with something to bring the pain into manageable levels. So I pushed through the pain day by day to get to the appointment.

I get there and.... he had run out of ideas. Nothing more he could do. He referred me on to a pain clinic with a Long waiting list. I was devastated. All that pushing though the pain and long wait just to get to him and nothing. I felt so utterly hopeless when i left. I was in tears in the car.

Because I had that One hope I was aiming for and nothing else kept me going, so it crushed me when it was gone.

We have to find things that we can hope for, live for, yearn for and desire for our future so that setbacks are not brutal painful events in our lives.
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