Bad aura days

I have had about enough of this long lasting aura am having. It has lasted for over two weeks now. It is like looking through heat. It is warping things I look at. Anything I look at is shaky and warpy. If I look at the sky or a wall I can actually see the form of the aura itself, but overlayed over reality it just warps everything because it is clear.

That is part one.

After seeing that for some time my eyes get tired or wonky. They started flickering so the light I see gets darker, then lighter, then darker... like the dimmer switch of the world is being messed with. Then the more elaborate aura kicks in. The band of intense colored sparkles sweeping in my lower vision up around to a black and purple pulsing blob of color smear. Grows larger, encompasses more and more. Eating away at my vision.

So I have put my foot down and have not been driving. Which is fine since I am temporarily not at work. Doctors never listen when I say I should not drive with persistent migraine auras and vertigo. But when they are like this, I can't distinguish things right. Movement is catching my eyes all the time, that is not actually movement. Things have less distinction because it is all shimmery and staticy.

Normally when you have an aura and you are driving... that is a normal before a migraine aura you should: pull over and wait out the aura. Late to work or not. You should never drive with an aura. Obviously. Hard to see through the damn things.

When you have persistent migraine auras though you just get this sort of disinterest from doctors like they could not care less to treat you let alone understand your vision is compromised.

It frightens me sometimes what I have done because doctors do not care to make a point about it. Because they insist I work and I have to get there.

So no idea how long this particularly intense bout will last for. They are quite unpredictable like that. Sort of making it difficult to read and go on the computer for any extended time. Makes my eyes hurt. I have been enlarging the text so I can read which is helping a little bit, but hard to focus on words. Better to just skim and look at images.

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