You are more than just the #pain

It is true we are bearing the pain. However sometimes we manage the pain, and sometimes it manages us.

I think many times it feels as though the pain consumes us. Everything about us. All aspects of our lives as well.

When it comes to physical pain, it is a matter of finding ways to Be beyond the pain. Other than just this existence with pain we want a life with pain that has other things in there. Things like friends and socializing, leisure activities and hobbies, exercise, work, vacations... whatever the case may be. We want a fulfilled life. And if we are consumed by the pain it has eaten a lot of that. So we have to a) manage the pain b) learn how to cope with the pain that is there via pain management strategies and c) slowly incorporate the things in your life that are important to you back into it within moderation and within limitations. For example sometimes people invite you to events you cannot handle, it would take a lot out of you and would be entirely too painful. Instead say 'I can't make it to that, but how about you stop by the house for ________ or we can meet for lunch at ___________' Change the situation to one that you know you can handle for a small dose of socializing that works best for you.

It isn't as easy as it sounds because, well, you are still in pain when attempting things. But that is why it is in small doses, in moderation with limits. Keep it simple. Because all these things we do like socializing, visiting friends and family, exercising, hobbies, journals... all these things help with pain management because they help with coping and mood. You are more than just the pain.
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