Thinking of myself beyond the pain. #Positive traits and #Gratitude

Let's play a game in positive reinforcement. Name ten characteristics about yourself that you value. We think to often about the negative facet of our health. Lets for a moment think about our awesomeness.

Here is mine:

  1. Intelligent
  2. loyal
  3. trustworthy
  4. laid-back
  5. polite
  6. open-minded
  7. reasonable
  8. low-maintenance
  9. goofy sense of humour
  10. creative

 Reflect on situations linked to those words and who you are as a person. A whole person beyond your pain and illness. Sometimes we feel worthless because we are not 'functional' enough. But look at that list and see all those worthy traits you have there that are part of who you are. Traits that other very likely value in you.

Also consider the gratitude journal to help with mood. Picking three things a day you are grateful for.

Mine today looks like this:

  • Thankful for the time to edit a novel I am writing. To have that time to work on something that is enjoyable and destressing for me.
  • I was really stressed to day and so very thankful for some serious snuggle time with my can Charlie.
  • Because I am so very stressed I am thankful for blogging since it helps me work out my issues I have in a positive way. I had heard to was good to write down negative things people are experiencing as a release, to get the mind to stop thinking about it. Worth a go.

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