Intractable migraines

I went to the neurologist office today. I knew going in there was nothing he could do for me because there was nothing he could do for me last time. My migraines have not been responsive to treatment he said. Some people just are not responsive he said. Intractable migraines.

What I wanted was something to hopefully treat the migraine associated vertigo (MAV) angle and the persistent migraine auras. Migraine auras apparently are the same treatment as everything else, so no. And MAV, apparently I have gone through all those medications as well.

So nope, nope, nope.

There will be some of us that will inevitably come to this point. Not many but some. He said the best treatment for us is chronic pain management or pain clinics. If there are no preventatives to prevent then you have to look at pain control. As well as to do things to cope with the pain we have such as mindful meditation, psychology and exercise. So that is the path I will continue to go though.

He did mention I could take botox again as a slim change of doing something if I wanted to try it again. I am not sure it is worth it, but I will likely give it another go.

The medications managing my mood lately must be working by the way because when a neuro says 'nothing to be done for you' I usually get seriously depressed. I think things like so I am going to suffer like this forever with no relief in sight then? And worse thoughts than that. But I didn't today. I took it in stride. As a fact I have to deal with.
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