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Punishing the #pain patient

“We propose that pain intensity is not the best measure of the success of chronic-pain treatment. When pain is chronic, its intensity isn’t a simple measure of something that can be easily fixed. Suffering may be related as much to the meaning of pain as to its intensity,” they wrote.
“Patients who report the greatest intensity of chronic pain are often overwhelmed, are burdened by coexisting substance use or other mental health conditions,” they added.
Instead of opioids, the doctors say that an interdisciplinary and multimodal treatment coupled with coping and acceptance strategies are critical.  In addition, they conclude that a “willingness to accept pain and engagement in life activities despite pain, may reduce suffering and disability without necessarily reducing pain intensity.”hNational Pain Report

In essence what they are saying in the article is that they are trying to find new ways without opiates to treat chronic pain. And one is well teach them to deal with a pain that will never go away.  interdisciplinary and multimodal. It is actually some pretty basic things that we are all familiar with already anyway. So we can accept our pain and still engage in Life, despite it... maybe reducing suffering, but not the pain.

I get that pain is a complicated machine. I get doctors suck at treating it. And I know the approach has to be multifaceted. That is very obvious. We do in fact have to learn things to cope with the pain that will Always be there. We do in fact want to do things that will reduce out suffering.

However, part of this treatment is the medications. For example exercise is an important facet to treatment without medication we have a very hard time even wanting to attempt exercise given the pain we are Already in... why make it so much worse? How does that make sense? And then wait what three days to recover? With the proper pain killers we are able to do the exercise routine recommended to us.

We are also able to function in ways we normally would not be able to. Treatment is meant to help a personal be functional in some respect. Able to walk. Work. Get out of the house. Without it, no treatment is going to enable them to function through work or be mobile.

Without pain management with medications the pain itself is dangerous. The pain itself causes suffering. The pain itself is a suicide risk. These doctors are fools if they do not understand that untreated pain itself is dangerous. What they are doing will work in conjunction with pain medication but I doubt very much without it. You are telling people to suffer and just deal with it. Forever. When they are already frustrated, depressed and tired of dealing with it. Can you see what is wrong with this?
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