The #fibro #flare

I am fibro flaring today. I could feel it begin yesterday but thought, well, the weather is turning there is good reason to feel sore. Then this morning, hell, I barely could move when I got out of bed.

I have had people ask me what fibromyalgia feels like and it is a difficult question to answer. Explaining any sort of chronic pain to someone who doesn't experience it is a task. To say the pain can be everywhere or somewhere specific seems sort of weird. It moves. It has a mind of its own.

I generally go with the exercise example but it does fail in some ways. I say imagine you are just beginning to exercise. You go and do some weight lifting and you are feeling awesome. You spend an hour doing it. Then next day? You can't move a muscle because it hurts Everywhere. Every muscle you used is stiff and sore and hurts like hell.

Now imagine:

a) that happened for no reason at all.
b) it happened from doing little household tasks.
c) it happened when walking short distances
d) that there was also immense muscle fatigue in there as well, so it hurt, but also it was difficult to move. Like you weight a ton.
e) that when it flared up it lasted for days and days and days.
f) that there is always a baseline pain everywhere all the time and this pain you feel was extra on top of that.
g) that sitting in one position or standing too long also cause pain.

So that is what I go by. But it is just that muscular pain. There is that deep joint pain as well. And the reason I don't explain that is because I am not even sure myself if that is from FM or hypermobility syndrome or both.

Then it fails to cover that other type of extreme nerve pain we get as well. Where your skin is on fire to the touch. Where clothing hurts. Touch hurts. A breeze hurts. Allodynia is the experience of pain from a non-painful stimulation of the skin. We also get thermal allodynia where temperature causes pain as well. So cold and hot become very painful to the areas affected. So this pain is hard to explain. I say it feels like my nerves have been exposed. Like they are firing out a constant signal of pain making my skin hyper sensitive to all stimulus.

It barely scratches the surface of it really but it is hard to describe. Not to mention the pain is just one facet of the syndrome. A major facet but the other major facets cause serious issues as well. 

So today I have a fibro flare and it hurts in too many places to mention. I might as well say everywhere at this point. Just sitting here is difficult but moving is far worse. This is On my slow release tramadol, which goes to show how effective pain killers kill pain. Dull it a fraction at best. So I will rest today. I will not feel guilty about this. There will be days like this.
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