drugged driving

 Migraines and driving are a topic all their own, especially when you have chronic migraines. Medications though is something we all have to deal with. We often feel they do not compromise us when we get used to them, but do they? I know when I take a triptan that I feel dopey and excessively tired. I have difficulty thinking. So much so I often hesitate to even take them at work because I have problems working after I take them. But the migraine is worse... so there you go. Driving like that? Not great.

“This limits their exposure to verbal warnings, and increases the likelihood of people having to rely on labels.”
She said more research was needed to understand the effects of medication, as individual responses often varied.
“Some medications can cause a variety of impairments including drowsiness, increased reaction time, loss of mental concentration, shakiness and affect coordination and these all make it unsafe to drive, cycle or use machinery.
“Worse still, impairment can be compounded when combined with other medications or taken with alcohol.” Migraine Again

What concerns me however with chronic migraines is that fact I have chronic migraines. I have persistent migraine auras. I have migraine associated vertigo, which is aggravated by Driving. We wonder about Treated migraines and I wonder about, well, Migraines. A severe acute migraine of about 8 or 9 on the pain scale and Driving? How much of my brain is taken up just thinking about the pain? How much concentration is lost? How much focus is consumed? But we have to work because that migraine is just like the migraine the next day and the next day and the next day. Is it dangerous? Yes.

Some of the scariest driving I have ever experienced is when I was driving and a massive bout of vertigo hit me. It was terrifying. And not to mention vertigo messes with your perception of space... just warps everything. In this incident I felt like I was just falling, then not, then falling... like a freaky rollercoaster. On the highway.

Not to mention auras. Everyone knows you should not drive while experiencing an aura. What if you get persistent migraine auras? What then? Well you have to get to work somehow and so then you drive when they are not severe. Of course it compromises your vision. My vision is literally always compromised.

Then you add the medications, plural, to treat the migraines.

And None of this concerns any doctor I have ever seen. Or any neuro. Because it is more important to them that I work and less important how I get there. They tell me they have no treatment for my migraines. Therefore no treatment for the persistent migraine auras or vertigo. So this is what I have to deal with. If I was able to work in town I believe I would have options, but commuting there is nothing I can do.

Yet people with chronic pain, on medications, drive every day and is this any different? I believe it is important but clearly we are cleared to do it. No one but us considers it an issue. 

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