The looming future of pain.

Thinking about that infinite road of pain is never a good place to linger. It leads to thoughts of hopelessness. It feels overwhelming. It reminds of that past we have gone through. Years or decades of pain and how damn hard it was. We imagine how much worse it will be in the future. How will we do it?

Maybe we won't have to. Treatments come on the market. There is potential things will get better in that future. So there is some flawed thinking when we think of all that pain. Not to mention we lump it all together in a Mass of Pain. Like some massive monster looming in our future waiting to conquer us. That is not how we get through pain. It is day by day.

That is how we should think about the pain. Not this future of it. But today. Every day a new day. Coping with it one day at a time. With our goals small, precise and specific.

Thoughts about this horrible pain future I see often hit me late at night with high pain. I think... this is what there is for me. This is it. And this is false. The future will be like the past. High pain days, moderate pain days and even some low pain days. It will be variable. Then I think, but I will be older, pain does not get better it gets worse. And to some extend this is true as we gain things like arthritis and other pains. But again who is to say the pain we have does not improve as well? We just do not know.

Just don't get lost in thoughts about the future. Don't let the thought of pain consume you.

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