Maintaining our #Wellbeing

Something got me thinking. You see the line ‘Be afraid of the unlived life’ is very potent to me. When I was working it was very much an unlived life. It was what I called just existence. Just survival. Work took all there was out of me such that I could not socialize, go out, became a hermit and had so real activities I was involved in. This is a very unhealthy state to be in as, even introverts like me need some social interactions to be mentally and emotionally healthy. And to have a fulfilled life we need to have meaningful things to be immersed within it. We lose sight of this when in immense pain and are cutting out anything we feel is unnecessary in order to attempt to function at what is necessary.

Therefore, it is a fear of mine to return to that state. That unlived life.

How do we avoid it is the question?

We have to understand our lives are complex and more than just work therefore it is vital and important to our wellbeing to add things into them to well our mental and emotional wellbeing. Anything that adds something to our lives, some sort of pleasure, purpose or meaning should be considered very valuable to our wellbeing. These things are not insignificant to our health. They are vital.

Socializing is an important factor for us, but it can be very difficult. So we have to do it within our limits. We can ask people over for tea maybe. Or go for coffee at a coffee shop. Ask people over to play cards or a board game. Ask them over to watch a movie or binge a series on Netflix. Anything you think within your pain limits that you can cope with in an environment that is not too aggressive to your senses.

Take up an activity that you enjoy even if it is for a short duration each day. Knitting, puzzles, painting, listening to music, playing music or reading a good book, adult coloring and/or playing an instrument.

Those are a few examples of what I mean but there are many more. The issue is fitting live in there. Fitting more life into our pain. Living in the pain gaps or the good days. The important factor here is that it will improve our mood because we will have this enjoyment factor in there. We want things to be thankful for.

We may not be able to do all the things we could do, used to do, want to do… but we can do some things. We can do things in moderation. We can do things following our limitations. 

And if we do so we can fit more life in there.

Nothing makes my week happier than when I go play cards with a few friends. It doesn’t overtax me and it is a good activity choice for me in a good environment. I enjoy the company and we have some great laughs. I enjoy the games even though I often lose. I enjoy getting out of the house and spending time with people. Other than that I also spend time reading. Blogging and creative writing, as I self-publish novels.

Remember all these things we add to fulfill our lives in little ways are pain management tools and mood enhancers.

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