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#Migraine #supplement #offer from Nature's Nectar


 Today I found a Migraine Supplement deal after talking with the owner of Nature's Nectar!



  I know a company online with a migraine supplement they sell through Amazon that is willing to do a campaign with me. It is Nature's Nectar's Migraine Relief Supplement. He is willing to give it out for $1 dollar to try out the supplement yourself if you email him ( for the special code. *

There are a few supplements that have been looked at and are recommended for migraines. Products that have them all in one just makes it that much more convenient for us, since they we don't have to go out buying a whole bunch of bottles. I have seen some that say oh we will 'cure' you and I have been asked to try those out and review them, but 'cure' grates on my nerves. Other companies are flaky, you wonder what they even have in there with the terms they use to describe their product. I want something straight forward that I know exactly what is in there. And does it have the potential to be helpful for me?

 This particular one has magnesium, B2, Feverfew and Butterbur in it. All of which are commonly used supplements and vitamins in migraine prevention and treatment. All of which I have used, but not all at once. 

So if you currently take these and want to try a combo here is your opportunity for a deal. Or if you would like to try a supplement for the first time this gives you a trial month to give it a go. It is a pretty good deal to give them a try. I was pleased I was able to promote the offer

  Here are the main components of the Nature's Nectar blend and I must admit it has exactly what you want in a migraine supplement. All the ones I have taken or do take are on this list.I in particular take B2 and magnesium regularly and consider them to be part of my consistent migraine treatment. I have FM as well, so magnesium is a pretty important one for me. I have tried Butterbur and Feverfew individually but not together and not combined into one package. Like I said, more convenient for sure. I have not been able to try a sample of this one though because I determined I was allergic to butterbur, which was unfortunate.  

*Disclosure* Always remember to tell your doctor of any supplements and Vitamins you are taking.  Remember that supplements also have side effects and to be understand there are risks involved with them. If you have questions you have ask your pharmacist as well.


Butterbur has some research behind it. The substances petasin and isopetasin are found in Butterbur. They reduce spasms and inflammation. This is thought to help prevent migraines and reduce frequency.


A study in 2004 discovered Butterbur worked better at relieving migraines than placebo treatment. These migraineurs said their migraine attack frequency was reduced by :
  • 48% with Butterbur 75 mg
  • 36% with Butterbur 50 mg
  • 26% with Placebo

Only Ever used Butterbur that is PA free. There is concerns related to the liver with Butterbur so talk to your doctor before taking it, especially if you have liver issues.


Feverfew has a substance called parthenolide, which helps relieve smooth muscle spasms. It also helps stop the brain’s blood vessels from contracting and prevents inflammation.


"Some research has shown low brain Magnesium levels during a migraine. Also, because Magnesium is needed for proper nerve function, it is thought that Magnesium deficiency and migraines may be related, making it an important vitamin for migraine aura and a natural remedy for migraines."

In a 1996 study of 81 migraineurs compared the  600 mg of Magnesium every day for 12 weeks with a placebo pill. Of those taking Magnesium, 18.6 percent had diarrhea and 4.7 percent complained of stomach irritation. Here are the results:
  • Reduction of migraine attacks from weeks nine to 12 : Magnesium 41.6% , Placebo 15.8%


Often used in combination with other treatments. Or other B's. Riboflavin is necessary for growth and for the production of red blood cells. Riboflavin also helps with how our bodies gets energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Migraineurs may not have enough Vitamin B2. It is a potential often with other supplements.

  Source: Also lists side effects of these supplements.

*(offer limited to 200 people)

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