The attitude to make or break

Our relation to pain and how we think about the pain experience, adds its own flavor to that pain experience. "your attitude towards them that will make or break the rest of your days."

I have wonder about this because I suffer a lot. There have been times in my life where the pain was the same, but the suffering was lower. As in I was handling that pain better than I was later on, or at other times.... because the suffering became a problem. The depression also became a problem, which magnifies the suffering.

However I met this woman in my pain 101 class at the pain clinic who had CRPS which causes significant constant pain and she was coping exceptionally well. Well, we all had days where coping was difficult. The pain caused insomnia and such. But her attitude about her pain and her life was awesome. I remember thinking if she can do it, so can I. But I can't because my attitude about pain is all doom and gloom.

I have another example. Lately things have been an issue with my insurance company. It is making me stressed, depressed and in more pain as well as some serious nausea issues. But a problem comes up and my mind is all panic and worst case scenarios and over thinking. My spouse comes home and I tell him... he gives me a short, practical response with none of the woe is us that I have.

Do we see pain as inhibiting our life? Or as something that makes us live our lives Differently?
Do you think your pain took away what you could have been? Or do you look at all the things you are now in your live that are also meaningful in different ways. Do you think your pain takes away your future? Or do you have hope and possibilities in your future? Does pain stop you or just caution you?

Anyway, suffering is about the only thing I have control over. The pain clinic said there is only so much they can do for pain and the rest is teaching you to learn to live with it.

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