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#Fibromaylgia and #stroke risk

A new study in China suggests Fibromyalgia is associated with an increased stroke risk, the study of MedicineIncreased Risk of Stroke in Patients With Fibromyalgia,”  The researchers did a population-based study about whether FM increaes stroke risk. They used the Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI) claims database to collect a group of 1 million subjects who were followed with the healthy controls for a three year period. (Jan 2000 to Dec 2002). A follow-up time was done for some patients and controls which continued to 2011. 

47 279 subjects with FM were studied with 189 112 controls. It was noted that there were comorbids within the FM groups of hypertention, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and interstitial cystitis. And these also carried with them a stroke risk. So from the get-go the FM group had a 1.25-fold increase risk in stroke over the controls.

They concluded even without the comorbids there was a high stroke risk of 2.26-fold relative to controls.

Most patients with FM were women and middle aged (Table 1), which is in agreement with the literature.23–25 The age and sex distributions validated the FM population collected from the Taiwan NHI database. Our result suggests that FM group was correlated with a relatively high risk of stroke. Although women were the majority in the FM group, FM increased the stroke risk in both sexes.
Age is the most critical stroke risk factor.1–3 With continuously expanding incidence rates of stroke with advancing age, most stroke patients were older than 65 years in both FM and non-FM groups. However, the weight of stroke increase was relatively higher in the younger population. Because stroke-related comorbidities were less prevalent in the younger population, the effect of FM per se was more pronounced in younger patients than in elders. Compared with the controls, Table 5 revealed a slightly higher stroke risk in FM patients with hospitalization owing to FM than in those without. These results demonstrated a dose–response effect among FM severity and stroke, and this further strengthened the association of FM with stroke development. Medacine

There are limitations to the study though. It didn't take into account personal habits like smoking or drinking, or consider medications or other cardiovascular risks..


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