#Migraine World Summit

I have been contacted by the Migraine World Summit to be an affiliate to talk about the upcoming event and I jumped right it. This is news the migraineur community should know about. These online events don't come along every day.

There is a Migraine World Summit coming soon on April 15-20th. At the Summit we can all register for free and listen to over 30 leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists. You can check out the site HERE  and register for free. It will be a great opportunity for us to hear from some of the experts about migraines and current research and treatment.

I'll post again when it is closer but I am giving people a heads up for the event and time to sign up, block the time off, set an alert and mark it down... all the things I do to remember these online events.

We can also order any of that talks after or even before on the site from HERE.

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