The world breaks everyone...

 ... and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

This is one of my favorite quotes. The world breaks everyone, in some way or another. And some are strong at the broken places.

Pain is an experience. Chronic pain is an extended experience. As a result re react to it, learn from it and develop ideas about it. We learn by trying to adapt to it or cope as best we can. In the beginning we just react and deal. And it is difficult. It doesn't break us, but it can. Then we get stronger as we pick up out coping skills; negative or positive ones and become stronger.

Pain had broken me from time to time. Just flat out broken me. I would like to think I am stronger in those broken places. I knew I acted on it and did the best I could to improve the situation. Maybe some of us always have broken pieces. I hope not.

Anyway, it is this idea that we can be in this pain and suffer, We can be depressed. We can almost lose that battle to the pain. And we can rebuild and be stronger from those lessons we learned about our pain and how to handle it.

It is a useful fiction. Something I want to believe because it is useful to me. I am strong at the broken places. I am and will be.
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