10 ways you know you have a chronic illness

You know you have a chronic illness when...

1-You rate your pain by 'baseline', 'functional' and 'non-functional'.

2-You rate your fatigue by 'still conscious', 'unable to be upright' and 'capable of movement'.

3-You know more than your doctor about your illness and possibly Google at this point.

4-WebMD explodes if you attempt to use it.

5-Someone tells you 'But you look fine' and you throat punch them.

6-You can sleep 12 hours and still feel like you stayed up for 48.

7-You have a relationship with Netflix. 

8-You refuse to go to the ER until things get extreme, by your definition of extreme. 

9-You have met at least One judgemental douche nozzle doctor. With a 'its all in your head' pretending to listen to you and then brushing you off.

10-You were profoundly relieved at diagnoses to only then realize this is freaking Chronic.

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