Migraines and Impact

I was thinking about migraines and impact today since I recently missed work running on a 9 migraine. 91% miss work or have impaired function at work. 51% have half the productivity at school or work. 53% have severe disability requiring reduced activity to bed rest (the 9ers). 31% have missed At Least 1 day of school or work in the past three months.

That is a lot of impact on work. Which we have to pay for. Loss of productivity. Missing work. Impaired functioning. All that comes down on us. As we struggle to focus through the pain. Struggle to hold onto our jobs.

What it doesn't show in these days is the decreased income and earnings over a lifetime with chronic migraines. Here is one that goes a little into that side of things.

Here we see high frequency episodic has the same impact as chronic migraines... impacting; significantly lower household incomes, less likely to be employed full time and more likely to be disabled. Certainly that is the case for me. Lowered my income, went down to part time. Just trying to manage work.

It impacts our entire lives.

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