War in side of me and lack of awareness

There is a reason we always go with this war analogy of chronic pain and chronic illness.

There are battles in this war we lose or win. Tipping the scale of the war so it is going better or worse. Or sometimes each side is balance into a stalemate.

There will never be any victory in the war, but we can win some battles.

Plus it implies struggle. Conflict. Hardship. Blood and effing tears. Pain. A lot of pain.

Yes, this is a war.

Yes, this makes us warriors.

And although the war is endless, we can lose the war... we can lose warriors.

And all that struggle. Conflict. Hardship. Blood and effing tears. And pain?


I silent war. One casualty and collateral damage around the casualty.

All so silent.

"Why can't she work?"
"She has migraines."
"Pfft. That's nothing to complain about."

Invisible. Not known. Can't be seen. Silent wars... and we get out pain discounted and minimized. The impact to illnesses and chronic pain is there. But they don't see the impact.

Working part time?
Must be because you are lazy but because you have been told you can no longer work full-time.
Can't work at all?
Must be abusing the system with a bogus medical condition so as to not work.

We have our ongoing war to maintain our health defenses and coping strategies. But we have a war always ongoing facing perceptions, stigma and lack of awareness.

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