A paint nite out

I went to a paint nite with a friend and it was quite fun. We unfortunately picked an intermediate painting for beginner skill level, on my part at least. Not to mention with my never damage I suspect I will never be a true to form painter... more abstract will be my thing I suspect.

Nevertheless if they offer art therapy here I have decided I would go for that based on this very interesting experience. But they, of course, do not.

It was social and relaxing. And I realized being the perfectionist I am I would never realize the perfection in my mind... and I was cool with that. You paint based on an image, you see, and this is my sort of distorted representation of that image. They give you steps up to a point anyway. Then it is just use your creativity. And thus my masterpiece.

I decided to do this because I wanted to get out and socialize for one. And I thought it would be fun to experience. And it was.

Yes, I indeed had a migraine and, yes, my FM has been acting up lately. But this is not a reason to prevent me from doing something I have always wanted to try. Just to try it. Had my pain level been extremely high that would have been a different matter. But it was in the range of 7ish and I can tolerate that just fine. I had after all made it through work. Why not do something I would enjoy? Or at least hope to enjoy?

I feel it is a majestic piece of artwork because I made it. And I am going to damn well hang it on the wall as well. I believe my friend to the left on this photo did a much better job than I... some serious talent consider neither of us have ever done this before. She has a better eye than I do. And steadier hands as well. Either way, it is great to have that time to spend with friends.

Sometimes you just have to understand the pain will be there no matter what you do, so do what you please... within moderation. If you choose an activity you can do, all the better. This is an achievable activity for me.

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