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But you don't look sick #Blogboost

I would like to recommend a great chronic illness support site called But you don't look sick. In particular this is where the Spoon Theory was created by Chistine Miserandino. Well worth exploring the site for articles to read. Then there is always the Facebook Page to check out as well.

The Spoon Theory is a way to explain dealing with a chronic illness to others.

It is in the cost of spoons. So I got out of bed a got dressed and I used 1 spoon, today. I did some light chores and used 4 spoons. Or I went to work and used 10 spoons. I may have started with 8 spoons, or 6, or 10... so I may be overly exhausted or may have just reached my limit or stayed within my limits. Point is we have to watch our spoons. A regular person will start with 30 spoons or hell I have no idea but they do not have the same limits. We have to be careful of the choices we make based on the energy and pain and fatigue we have that day. Exceeding our limits means less spoons for the next day.
If you follow this theory you are a Spoonie and you will see posts and memes everywhere about spoonies. Great humor.
I did a spoonie awareness campaign where you would take a spoon doing activities that with helped with chronic illness or used your spoons. Here is me grocery shopping which uses a lot of spoons. A lot, a lot.

I personally like the phrase, "But you don't look sick" because I get that often. Which is odd, because I often look 'tired' and that 'look' is really generally fatigue and pain. But nevertheless, people say I am looking good. In fact when I lost weight I was told I was 'looking so much better' and I must be 'feeling better.' It frankly irked me because the weight loss was because of medication not healthy eating or exercise. And recently because of chronic illness I lost more weight. Appearances have little to do with on the inside. 
I have posted memes on this before:

I'll have to come up with some spoonie ones now that I think about it since I enjoy the concept a great deal. 

Anyway, this is a website I found some time ago when I was chronically ill and it gave my a lot of support. I even wrote a few guest articles for the site back in the day. This one amuses me New Year’s Resolutions: Why They Are so Tricky because I was apparently trying to quit smoking way back then... this is about a decade ago and am Still trying to this day. So there is that issue. Anyway, you can also write a guest post on select topics if you desire as well. I cope a lot through writing so it has been useful for me at the time. 
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