The Ultimate Blog Challenge begins #‎BlogBoost‬

Time for a month long Blog-a-thon my friends. Generally I do these for awareness events but this is the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. And I do enjoy a challenge to get the creative energy flowing. Click the link below if you would like to join me in this challenge. I will be splitting the posts between my two blogs as to not overload my readers. My other blog is Migraineur Mutterings and Musings, which is exclusively migraine related. I may also post on my writing blog if I have a specific post idea for there, which is The Hermit.

For a starter post, other than the posts I made yesterday already by happen-chance at the beginning of the challenge, I am going to share a top 20 list of my favorite posts. These are generally ones I enjoyed writing and ones that have overall had positive responses from people. People really related to them.

  1. Tips for when you are in The Flare
  2. When I say I am good
  3. Our pain matters
  4. Our relationships and fibromyalgia
  5. Cognitive dysfunction and Fibromyalgia including the Fibrofog
  6. Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia
  7. Embrace the turtle #FibromylagiaAwareness
  8. 10 ways you know you have a chronic illness
  9. 8 things we try to do with Chronic Pain
  10. Invisible no more #InvisibleIllness
  11. 5 things chronically ill hear about appearances
  12. Too abled to be disabled?
  13. Cognitive Dysfunction and fibromyalgia
  14. Fibromyalgia and Sleep
  15. Magnesium and Fibromyalgia
  16. The Facade
  17. Self-Care
  18. Survival mode and pain management
  19. Touch of Madness
  20. 6 Reasons I masked my depression for years


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