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I need to work from home

I had that feeling again when i saw a post pop up in my email for a job post that would be perfect for me.Full-time though. And I craved it. I have the skill-set, the education, experience and ambition. But full-time exceeds my pain levels. 
Of which I was reminded of today laid out from a migraine. Taunted by the pain. 
I don't need the reminder. I am aware of this fact. But I crave the career I lost. I want the...challenge. The intellectual stimulation. And I do not want the pain. 
We experience a lot of loss with chronic pain and this is but one facet that is difficult to deal with. People want to be productive. Want the financial stability. Want to challenge themselves. We do accept when we can't but it doesn't stop us from wanting it. We just have to replace it with other things. 
Personally I want to work from home. I have this desire to work within an environment I can control with somewhat flexibility. I believe I would be capable of a great deal more in this environment due to the fact I already manage my environment to do my writing, image creation and blogging. Ideally if I could find a niche on the net I would be more functional and productive. Such is life though. I am looking. And maybe I can supplement what I am doing now. 
I used to find with FM I had to adapt a lot in the workplace to function with it. There are a lot of tricks and tips I figured out to functionally work with FM. 
  • Limit multi-tasking to focus.
  • If you are having trouble focusing have a small snack of something like nuts, switch tasks for a bit, and then go back to original task.
  • Go for a walk-about every so often to prevent stiffness. Do office stretches to prevent cramping at desk. Also, of course, get your office desk situation looked at by human resources to be adapted as best as possible accommodation wise.
  • Write up resource binders for quick references. Things you Know but might need to look up on a fibro fog moment. Also have your Favorites sorted into folders and organized for quick access and have a lot of them, for same reason, easy access to resources. I had four binders for different topics and rarely used them, but every so often i did need them and it was perfect. Lots of policy in my line of work.
  • Double check work for consistency.
  • Always double check math.
  • Always type out notes and forms. Pain in hands can be a problems for many people with chronic pain. And for me I developed nerve damage so my writing became sloppy as the day went on and my hand would ache horribly if I hand-wrote too long. This will not be an issue for much longer with e-forms.
  • Snack all day, as it helps with brain fog
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Have a medium note book for well used easy reference look up items of those things that are easy to forget for some reason when you are in pain. I had these really weird things like how to calculate biweekly income to grossing up income... my brain would forget days of the year or how many weeks in a year. Weird things like that on off days. So I had a few simple things in there to just look at and go 'ah of course' and some more complicated ones. As well as important numbers. People I'd call for certain things. Your 'go-to' books for brain fog. 
Anyway I think migraines should be the same way and therefore I thinking working from home would be the best location to work.
  • Can control sound.
  • Can control light
  • Can control scents... no random people who horrific bubbles of perfume around them.
  • I can wear my larger migraine specs, that look too much like sunglasses for work but perfect from home and working.
  • I can use Flux on my own computer to control the blue light on it.
  • If I migraine is a 9 I could take a nap and work it down to a lower level and still be fine to get back to work when I got up.
  • I could start at a time that works better for me due to no drive time.
  • Also no drive time... which works up a migraine fast or aggravates one.
  • I can control my symptoms better at home. 
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